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Our Inspiration The RID-ALL Green Partnership

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

A letter from the Founder and CEO of T.H.E. U.A.I. - Aharon Ben Keymah

Deep beneath the forgotten triangle, land of the 2016 NBA Champions, sizing only three square acres wide, there was RID-ALL (Cleveland, OH). “Redeeming Integrity and Determination for All Mankind”. This, just happens to be my father's (Keymah Durden) farm. At RID-ALL, the objective is to reclaim the land for growing fruits and vegetables by creating rich organic soil from what used to be waste, but are now the beginning elements to life.

They have turned an empty and forgotten piece of land in Cleveland’s Kinsman Neighborhood into an urban farm where we grow produce to bring healthy, local food to area institutions and citizens. The compost consists of items such as coffee, mulch, fruits, vegetables, and other great contributors to making the soil extremely rich. This gives our educational farm a vibrant landscape and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Aside from growing, there is much more done at the farm which is exerting great vibrations and energy to the historically violent community. The representation of the campus is a lovely site filled with hoop houses full of food, beautiful flowers, and even a canvas tepee! The campus also features a pond, picnic area, a tree house, basketball courts for family and staff to play. A hoop house is a series of large hoops or bows made of metal, plastic pipe or wood covered with a layer of heavy greenhouse plastic. The plastic is stretched tight, fastened to baseboards and then heated by the sun and cooled by the wind.

RID-ALL also serves as a regional training center of the Milwaukee-based organization, Growing Power, offering training and educational activities for the community. These activities contribute to the community by placing emphasis on the value of environmental stewardship and community ownership. This isn’t a place for locals exclusively, but for anyone who feels the need to live for and know a better way of living. This is the place to learn those skills!

Also, across the street from the site there is a fish farm where The Urban Fish Farm raises over 30,000 fish. We also have a restaurant currently underway where we will sell the fish and meals that are naturally grown from our hands and soil. This will be a great place for community business meetings to happen and deals to get closed or just for regular people coming to get high quality nutritious food for their families.

Here is a picture of The Urban Fish Farm.
Here is a design and picture of our restaurant being constructed.

So you might be wondering, where do I stand among all of this? Well, as I said before I am son of one of three RID-ALL Co-Founders, Keymah Durden. There is so much opportunity here at The RID-ALL Farm, but my sole aspiration is to continue out my father's farms teachings and create my own company, adding on to the collective vision. This is when T.H.E. U.A.I. was born, on August 15th, 2016.

The mission is to bring healthier products and services into our demographic for people to increase their health & well-being. Also, buying real-estate and creating innovative safe spaces for the community to obtain a holistic lifestyle. We have a holistic approach to solving our problems. That means, we focus on creating healthier lifestyles by incorporating preventative medicine and practices into our daily lives.

The mind, body, soul and environment must all play a holistic role into the treatment of the core problem. By taking a look at the whole problem, the person can achieve a natural equilibrium where the body and soul can heal, restore, and re-energize itself.

Why do we feel like this is important? Because we are extremely disconnected, unbalanced and spiritually malnourished from our dear Mother Earth. We are running everywhere going nowhere fast. We keep trying to cure our problems instead of prevent them all together.

We believe by reconnecting to the plants, mother earth and using a holistic approach to solving our problems we can achieve maximum growth and strength. We plan on doing this by connecting farms and holistic organizations internationally into a collective consciousness. This is where we will share techniques, knowledge and resources amongst each other to ensure sustained growth in each organization.

Through our collaborative efforts, we will be able to achieve goals bigger than our individual ones and make changes that are long lasting and wealthy. This is what we are all about here at T.H.E. U.A.I.; Teaching Humanity Excellence.

Teaching Humanity Excellence is the integrity of what our organization is about, and although applied knowledge is power, there is more involved than just education; improvement of people’s health & wealth, resources, networks, communities, even global aggregation. We follow through by growing all of our produce to a superb excellence for the benefit of our fellow citizens genuine health.

"From Our Lands 2 Your Hearts … SOiL 2 SOuL"

Thanks to my father and The RID-ALL Farm, we’ve been able to find our niche in the growing lucrative Agri-Business. I myself have been able to develop tremendously and have become a very inspirational person due to RID-ALL‘s love, guidance and direction up a prosperous path. So, I believe the overall goal for humanity is to sustain a healthy and mindful lifestyle but it first takes root by knowing what to put in it and I say The RID-ALL Farm and RID-ALL Green Partnership is the place to start. For more about RID-ALL Green Partnership Visit them online or on Instagram @ridallgreenpartnership

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